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What is the pressure of a typical high-pressure cleaning machine, equivalent to how many kilograms

Generally, the pressure is 5-8MPa, which is 50 to 80 kilograms of pressure.

The kilogram pressure is an engineering mechanical unit, which actually represents not pressure but pressure. The standard unit is kgf/cm ^ 2 (kilogram force/square centimeter), which is the pressure generated by an object weighing 1 kilogram on an area of 1 square centimeter. Strictly speaking, it is 0.098 MPa. But now, the pressure of one kilogram is usually calculated at 0.1Mpa.

1、 Maintenance method for high-pressure cleaning machine:

1. Flush the hoses and filters connected to the cleaning agent to remove any residual detergent to help prevent corrosion.

2. Turn off the water supply system connected to the high-pressure cleaning machine.

3. Pulling the trigger on the servo spray gun rod can release all the pressure in the hose.

4. Remove the rubber hose and high-pressure hose from the high-pressure cleaning machine.

5. Cut off the connecting wire of the spark plug to ensure that the engine will not start (applicable to engine models).

2、 Pressure conversion relationship:

1. 1 dyn/cm2=0.1 Pa

2. 1 Torr=133.322 Pa

3. 1. Engineering atmospheric pressure=98.0665 kPa

4. 1 mmHg=133.322 Pa

5. 1 millimeter water column (mmH2O)=9.80665 Pa

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Post time: Feb-02-2024