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Water pump common faults and troubleshooting methods

pump vibration and noise

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

1. Loose fixing bolts of motor and water pump feet

   Remedy: readjust and tighten loose bolts.

2. Pumps and motors are not concentric

   Remedy: readjust the concentricity of the pump and motor.

3. Severe cavitation of water pump

   Exclusion method: reduce the amount of water output, or increase the water level of the suction tank or suction well, reduce the height of the vacuum suction, or replace the pump with a higher vacuum.

4. Bearing damage

   Remedy: Replace with new bearing.

5. Bent or worn pump shaft

   Remedy: Repair pump shaft or replace with new bearing.

6. Imbalance of water pump impeller or motor rotor

   Exclusion method: disintegration check, static and dynamic imbalance test if necessary, this work can only be performed when other reasons are excluded.

7. Pump in Sundries

   Remedy: Open the pump cover and check for obstructions.

8. Coupling inner column bolt or rubber column is worn or damaged

   Remedy: Check the inner column of the coupling and repair or replace it if necessary.

9. The flow is too large or too small, away from the allowable operating point of the pump

   Exclusion method: adjust and control the water output or update and transform the equipment to meet the needs of the actual working conditions.


Post time: Jul-26-2023