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Troubleshooting Of Micro Cultivator

Not gasoline engine starting fault elimination method of the fuel tank without fuel for diesel fuel with the wrong foot or other oil cleaning with gasoline tank, carburetor and fuel oil added to gasoline fuel switch switch is not open without bottom oil release carburetor carburetor oil drain plug, until the oil outflow and then tighten the drain plug is too dirty inside the carburetor carburetor the disintegration of clean gasoline, the main reason is to wash through oil hole, gas hole spark plug electrode of carbon deposition on too much to remove the spark plug electrode carbon spark plug was gasoline spray dry the spark plug without flameout switch open open flameout switch spark plug replacement new spark plug ignition replacement ignition when the refrigerator is not closed off choke choke engine shut down choke choke open。

 the diesel engine can not start the fault elimination method of the fuel tank without burning Add enough oil fuel fuel system with air exhaust air fuel system fuel system blockage cleaning diesel oil filter and oil pipe of diesel water in the replacement of diesel injector atomization replace injector fuel injection quantity is insufficient or not to check the fuel injection valve, fuel injection, embolization steam needle is worn, stuck, difficult or unable to failure start the engine troubleshooting blocked air filter) fuel quality is not good for cleaning air cleaner fuel injector atomization bad fuel mixture quality is not good to replace the fuel injection nozzle (diesel) valve clearance does not clean or replace the carburetor (gasoline engine) does not adjust the spark plug gap spark plug gap (gasoline engine) does not adjust the fuel supply advance angle the fuel supply advance angle valve leakage grinding or replace valve piston ring wear serious due to lack of oil and replace the piston ring cylinder diesel engine air cylinder sets more.

   Piston, piston ring, gasoline engine replacement body, piston and piston ring, the engine (the engine smoke color is not normal to generally associated with abnormal color), white smoke: fault elimination method of oil in the water to replace the fuel injection quality is not good to replace the injection nozzle (diesel) mixture quality is not good clean or replace carburetor gasoline engine oil (the early adjustment time of fuel injection (diesel engine), take the blue smoke causes troubleshooting of excessive oil level oil piston ring released a more serious wear of the piston ring piston ring replacement improper assembly according to the technical requirements and conditions of use of improper assembly to the uphill slope tillage should not exceed >15, take the cause of black smoke troubleshooting method of overload operation low level or decrease the depth of injector atomization nozzle to replace the fuel (diesel engine) Too much reduce the amount of oil for the adjustment of fuel supply advance angle too late (diesel engine) piston and piston ring replacement, severe wear of the engine is running normally, micro tillage machine can not work normally, does not exclude the fault of rotary tillage method of loose belts to clutch cable adjusting bolt to external

Post time: Aug-25-2023