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Safety operation regulations for diesel generator set

1. For the generator powered by diesel engine, the operation of its engine shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of internal combustion engine.

2. Before starting the generator, carefully check whether the wiring of each part is correct, whether the connecting parts are firm, whether the brush is normal, whether the pressure meets the requirements, and whether the grounding wire is good.

3. Before starting, put the resistance value of the excitation rheostat at the maximum position, disconnect the output switch, and the generator set with clutch shall disconnect the clutch. Start the diesel engine with no load and run smoothly before starting the generator.

4. After the generator starts running, pay attention to whether there is mechanical noise, abnormal vibration, etc. When the condition is normal, adjust the generator to rated speed, adjust the voltage to rated value, and then close the output switch to power outside. The load shall be gradually increased to strive for three-phase balance.

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5. All generators ready for parallel operation must have entered normal and stable operation.

6. After receiving the signal of "ready for parallel connection", adjust the speed of diesel engine based on the whole device, and switch on at the moment of synchronization.

7. During the operation of the generator, pay close attention to the sound of the engine and observe whether the indications of various instruments are within the normal range. Check whether the operation part is normal and whether the generator temperature rise is too high. And make operation records.

8. During shutdown, first reduce the load, restore the excitation rheostat to minimize the voltage, then cut off the switches in sequence, and finally stop the diesel engine.

How to choose a suitable diesel generator market3

9. For mobile generator, the underframe must be parked on a stable foundation before use, and it is not allowed to move during operation.

10. When the generator is running, even if it is not excited, it shall be considered to have voltage. It is forbidden to work on the outgoing line of the rotating generator, touch the rotor or clean it by hand. The generator in operation shall not be covered with canvas.

11. After the generator is overhauled, carefully check whether there are tools, materials and other sundries between the rotor and stator slot to avoid damaging the generator during operation.

12. All electrical equipment in the machine room must be reliably grounded.

13. It is forbidden to stack sundries, inflammables and explosives in the machine room. Except for the personnel on duty, no other personnel are allowed to enter without permission.

14. The room shall be equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment. In case of fire accident, the power transmission shall be stopped immediately, the generator shall be turned off, and the fire shall be put out with carbon dioxide or carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher.

Post time: Sep-09-2021