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Reward for hard work – our machine parts are also selling well

On November 2, the weather was fine, in the EAGLE POWER MACHINERY(JINGSHAN) CO., LTD., the factory area can be seen from a distance of a 40 feet container truck parked at the gate of the warehouse, looks a little spectacular, and besides the door trays are filled with the goods waiting for loading, the workers are in an orderly way for the goods classification work, to do final count and preparation for loading.

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Around 11 clock am., after the preliminary preparations, workers began loading boxes of goods of various sizes and categories in a predetermined order. The enthusiasm of everyone was very high, and the loading speed was very fast. Although some goods were not placed well in the process, the problem was quickly solved under the coordination of the company leaders.

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After nearly three and a half hours of efforts, more than 1,600 pieces of goods were loaded on the truck smoothly, and they will start from our factory to the port, and then across the sea to the customer’s hands, and this is the reward for every EAGLE POWER people’s hardworking!

Post time: Nov-09-2022