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Regular Maintenance vs. Diesel Engine Maintenance

To understand diesel engine maintenance, you need to understand how it differs from the regular maintenance of a standard gasoline engine. The main differences relate to service costs, service frequency, and engine life.

Service Costs

A diesel engine vehicle may seem like a larger investment than a gasoline engine vehicle. While fuel and repair costs are higher in diesel engines, the overall cost of ownership isn’t higher than a gasoline engine.

The cost of ownership of a diesel engine is roughly the same as a gasoline engine and even lower in some cases. This is due to the service frequency and engine life cycle. 

Service Frequency

One of the benefits of diesel engine service is that it’s needed much less frequently than a gasoline engine. Diesel engines require service less frequently because they have thicker fuel and better thermal efficiency. 

These factors mean better overall performance, which leads to better fuel economy and lower operating costs. Even if up-front costs of ownership are higher, you can expect savings in engine upkeep for the life of the vehicle.

Oil and Filter Changes

Some of the most important services for diesel engine upkeep are oil and oil filter changes. These help remove sludge, dirt, and other types of debris from your oil, which means better lubrication for your engine. 

Better lubrication and clean oil promote better efficiency and reduce the likelihood of engine problems. Dirty oil can damage engine parts, reduce fuel economy, and cause your engine to break down faster.

Post time: Aug-10-2023