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Methods to prevent small diesel engines from burning

Small diesel engine combustion failures can be avoided by paying more attention to detail. Starting from the common operating points of various types of diesel generator sets, methods to prevent combustion failures of small diesel engines are summarized.

1.Pay attention to hygiene. 

When a small diesel engine is running, if dust, water stains and other debris enter its interior, a short-circuit medium will be formed, which will damage the wire insulation, cause an inter-turn short circuit, increase the current, and increase the current. Therefore, please prevent dust, water stains and other debris from entering the small diesel engine. At the same time, the outside of the small diesel engine should be cleaned frequently. Do not place dust and other debris in the radiator of a small diesel engine to ensure that the diesel generates electricity. The heat dissipation conditions of the device are good.

2.Observe and listen. 

Observe whether the small diesel engine has vibration, noise and odor. Before operating the small diesel engine, especially the high-power small diesel engine, you need to frequently check whether the anchor bolts, end caps, bearing glands, etc. are loose, and whether the grounding device is reliable. If you find that the generator has increased vibration, increased noise, and produced odor, you must shut it down as soon as possible to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

3.Current maintenance.

 Small diesel engines may be subject to overload operation due to overloading, low pressure or mechanical obstruction of the drive. Therefore, when running a small diesel engine, attention should be paid to frequently checking whether the transmission device is flexible and reliable; whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard; the flexibility of the gear transmission device, etc. If any jamming occurs, it should be shut down immediately after troubleshooting and run again.

4.Regular inspection and maintenance.

 The technical status of small diesel engine control equipment plays a decisive role in the normal startup of small diesel engines. Therefore, the control equipment of small diesel engines should be placed in a dry, ventilated and easy-to-operate location, and dust should be removed regularly. Always check whether the contactor contacts, coil cores, terminal screws, etc. are reliable, and whether the mechanical parts are flexible to maintain good technical conditions to ensure that the small diesel engine works normally without being burned.

It can be seen that doing detailed work is the key to preventing burning. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the signs of combustion failures corresponding to combustion failures and their causes, and increase the standardization of use and maintenance to avoid failure and burnout of small diesel engines to the greatest extent.

Post time: Dec-25-2023