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How To Use The Micro Tillage Machine To Realize Deep Turning Of The Land

Using micro-tillers to manage land is much easier than traditional manual management, and working on the land becomes easier and faster. However, in order to achieve good results, a very important thing is to see how to use the micro tillage machine to achieve deep plowing of the land:

The deep turning of the soil is because the deep soil is soft, and the roots of plants can penetrate into the soil, which is good for growth. Therefore, deep plowing of the land is an important step to improve the overall efficiency of agriculture.

First of all, it is necessary to adapt measures to local conditions. This is the basic condition. Due to different soil conditions, the tillage depth of the tiller should be different. The soil with a thick black soil layer has rich nutrients, organic matter and high fertility in the upper and lower layers. After plowing with a micro tillage machine, the raw soil turned out can be matured quickly, so it can be deep plowed appropriately. For the soil with a thin black soil layer, due to the low organic matter content and weak microbial activity, once the plowing is deep, the raw soil after plowing is not easy to mature temporarily, and the plowing should be shallow. This kind of soil should be deepened year by year to gradually improve the properties of the underlying soil. In some soil layers, the sand is stuck under the sand or the sand is stuck under the sand. Deep turning can mix the sticky sand layer and improve the soil texture.

Depending on the amount of fertilizer applied, the micro tiller can plow more fertilizer deeper and less fertilizer shallower. Because the yield increase effect of deep ploughing is obtained on the basis of applying more organic fertilizer, if only deep ploughing the soil layer without corresponding fertilizer to keep up with it, there will be no obvious effect. Therefore, in the case of insufficient fertilizer sources, ploughing should not be too deep. When plowing, you should master the mature soil, do not plow the raw soil layer, or fertilize the soil layer with concentrated roots, and carry out intensive tillage to create a deeper plowing layer with enough water and fertilizer.

The operation of    micro-tiller not only requires mastering of superb technology, but also varies from place to place, with different plots, different functions and different operations. 

Post time: Aug-17-2023