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How to maintain a micro tiller when parked for a long time

The use of micro tillers is seasonal, and they are often parked for more than half a year during the fallow season. If parked improperly, they can also be damaged. The micro tiller needs to be parked for a long time.

1. Stop the engine after running at low speed for 5 minutes, drain the oil while it is hot, and add new oil.

2. Remove the oil filler plug on the cylinder head cover and add approximately 2 milliliters of engine oil.

3. Do not release the pressure reducing starting handle. Pull the recoil starting rope 5-6 times, then release the pressure reducing handle and slowly pull the starting rope until there is significant resistance.

4. Release the diesel from the diesel engine mailbox. The water-cooled diesel engine should also be cooled by water in the water tank.

5. Remove sludge, weeds, etc. from the micro tiller and cutting tools, and store the machine in a well ventilated and dry place that is not exposed to sunlight or rain.

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Post time: Jan-30-2024