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How to choose and maintain a gasoline water pump?

In today’s society, there are many choices in various industries, so how should we choose when facing so many manufacturers in the market? Today, the editor will introduce to you the relevant knowledge on how to choose and maintain a gasoline water pump.

1.Design of gasoline water pump, design flow rate: The design flow rate should be determined based on the irrigated farmland area, irrigation amount, rotation days, etc. At the same time, the flow rate of gasoline water pump should also be less than the continuous water supply of the water source to ensure the continuous operation of gasoline water pump. Design head: The head of a gasoline water pump refers to the total head of the water system, which is the sum of the actual head (determined by the ground and water source conditions of the selected pumping station location, which is equal to the height difference between the inlet and outlet water levels) and the loss head (equal to 0.10-0.20 of the actual head).

2.The speed type of gasoline water pump should be selected based on the design flow rate and design head using the pump type spectrum or pump performance table (flow rate and head must match), and then verified according to the configured pipeline system. If the gasoline water pump is not operating in the high-efficiency zone, it should be re selected.

3.The installation of gasoline water pumps should be as close to the water source as possible to reduce the length of the suction pipe, subject to geographical conditions. The foundation at the installation site of the gasoline water pump should be firm, and a dedicated foundation should be built for the fixed pump station. The inlet pipeline should be sealed reliably and must have dedicated support. It cannot be hung on the gasoline water pump. The inlet pipe equipped with a bottom valve should be installed as vertically as possible with the axis of the bottom valve perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the angle between the axis and the horizontal plane should not be less than 45 °. When the water source is a channel, the bottom valve should be at least 0.50 meters above the bottom of the water, and a mesh should be added to prevent debris from entering the pump. The base of the machine and pump should be horizontal and firmly connected to the foundation. When the machine and pump are driven by a belt, the tight edge of the belt is placed downwards, so the transmission efficiency is high. The rotation of the gasoline water pump impeller should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. When using a coupling transmission, the machine and pump must be coaxial.

4.Inspection of gasoline water pump: The pump shaft should rotate flexibly without any impact sound, and the pump shaft diameter should not have obvious shaking. Add enough calcium based lubricating oil. Check if the water inlet pipe is damaged and promptly repair the cracked area; Check if each fastening bolt is loose and tighten the loose bolts. The motor winding and electrical insulation of the gasoline water pump should meet the requirements before use.

5.Operation and shutdown of gasoline water pump: During the operation of gasoline water pump, attention should be paid to checking the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge at any time, monitoring and recording the working condition of the water pump, listening for any abnormal sounds, whether the temperature at the bearings is too high, whether there is too much or too little water dripping in the packing box, and also checking whether the speed of the water pump and the tightness of the belt are normal. The gasoline submersible pump must be buried in water for operation. Once exposed to the water, it should be immediately powered off and stopped, otherwise there is a risk of burning. When the high head gasoline water pump is shut down, sudden interruption of power should be prohibited, otherwise water hammer may occur and damage the water pump or pipeline; For water delivery systems equipped with gate valves, the gate valve should be slowly closed before shutting down. During winter shutdown, the water inside the pump should be drained to prevent rust or frost cracking; When shutting down for a long time, each component should be disassembled, wiped dry, inspected and repaired, then assembled and stored in a dry place.


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Post time: Jan-22-2024