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How to choose a micro tiller?

The development of micro tillers has a history of many years. We have been focusing on small agricultural machinery products such as micro tillers for more than ten years. Both product quality and after-sales service can withstand market considerations, otherwise it would be difficult to develop to the present day.

But there are many types of micro tillers on the market, and many friends, when choosing, are confused and don't know how to choose?

Today, the editor will talk to you about how to choose?

1. By category, there is still demand for two wheel drive micro tillers, four-wheel drive micro tillers, and two wheel drive micro tillers. It's not that there is no market for them, but four-wheel drive micro tillers have been favored by more farmers because they are indeed labor-saving to use;

2. Depending on the configuration, such as the engine, there are both gasoline and diesel options. Gasoline has a low power, but it is easy to repair and lightweight; The diesel engine is heavy, but solid and powerful; For horsepower, there are 6 horsepower, 8 horsepower, 10 horsepower, 12 horsepower, and even 15 horsepower. You also need to choose according to your own land conditions, and remember not to blindly follow the crowd. The higher the horsepower, the heavier the machine will be and the more difficult it will be to operate.

3. When it comes to quality and after-sales service, it's best to choose a company that specializes in producing this type of machinery before making a purchase. Simply looking at the machine, especially just pictures, won't reveal the quality, let alone after-sales service. This ensures both quality and after-sales service;

4. It is not recommended to buy something too cheap, after all, this is an agricultural machinery product, not socks or something like that. You get what you pay for, which is never wrong. At this point, I feel sorry for the hundreds of yuan that may be spent more (due to maintenance and after-sales costs) when using it.

I hope these points are helpful for everyone to choose micro tillage functions.




Post time: Jan-16-2024