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Differences of Gasoline generators and Diesel generators

1. Compared with diesel generator set, the safety performance of gasoline generator set is low with high fuel consumption because of different fuel types.

2. Gasoline generator set has small size with light weight, its power is mainly air-cooled engine with lower power and easy to move; The power of diesel generator set is  water-cooled engine normaly with big power and size.

3. The starting times are different. Diesel generator set can start within several seconds, it can move with 100% load within 1minute. This states that diesel generator set can start fastly and reach 100% output in a short time. Of course, its stop state is short too. Diesel generator set can be and emergency supply or standby power.

4. The prices are different. Normally petrol/gasoline prices are much more expensive than diesel. If the same mileage,it is less to use diesel than petrol.

5. The outputs are different. The output of diesel generator set is stronger than gasoline generator set, sometimes the biggest output of gasoline generator set is only 10kw, but the smallest output of diesel generator set is 8kw and the biggest output is around thousands. Diesel generator set is famous for its full output from small to big. Gasoline generator set is suitable for below 30KW.

6. In fact, diesel generator set and gasoline generator set are different concepts, without obvious pros and cons. Customers can tell us your real needs then we will guide you to choose: sometimes diesel generator set is applicable to big power lines, such as factory,hospital, hotel, government property etc. And gasoline generator set is homeuse with small power.


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Diesel generator set 5KW,30KW photoes for your reference:




Gasoline generator set  5KW, 8KW photoes  for your reference:






Post time: Oct-11-2022