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Common troubles and maintenance plan

1.No water
① water isn’t filled, increase the water pump inlet height or reduce the installation position. ② The suction pipe is leaking, it need to replace the suction pipe. ③ Debris blocking, this is a common situation. There is debris lead to the impeller abnormal operation, or the pump head of the check valve block, resulting in the motor running slow. As long as the timely clearance of debris in the impeller channel can be.


2. Insufficient lift
The head of the pump is insufficient mainly because the outlet pressure can not meet the needs of the working condition. The causes of this kind of failure are generally cavitation of the pump and serious wear and tear of the impeller after long-term use Matching motor speed is lower than the required speed of the pump, etc. The troubleshooting method is to increase the water pump inlet height or reduce the pump installation position, the replacement of serious wear impeller.

3. Pump heating
The blockage of the impeller will lead to a heat pump. Pump heat may also the pump bearing bending, damage, rolling shaft clearance is too small. Timely replacement of bearings, in the bearing housing and bracket cover between the installation of gaskets, adjust the concentricity of bearings can solve the pump heating failure.

4. Low-speed or overload operation
Low speed or overload operation of the water pump. One case is man-made. When the original distribution motor has trouble, a motor is randomly assigned for use. The motor and the loading capacity of the pump are mismatching, then results in operation trouble. We should strictly in accordance with the pump model requirements to replace matching the corresponding motor model.

In addition, the bending deformation of the pump shaft, the actual operation beyond the range of design parameters, the friction of the rotating parts and so on. At this point, it needs to check and correct the pump shaft, control the pump capacity. To keep within the parameters allowed. If necessary, to open the pump body to check and eliminate friction.

5. Mechanical seal failure
The mechanical seal makes the two end faces of the pump tightly combine. a layer of oil film is placed on the end face to achieve the sealing effect. If the mechanical seal damage, the body will appear leakage, oil leakage. Leakage will wet the motor winding, the value of insulation resistance of the winding will reduce and the leakage current will form.

When the leakage current switches on, the leakage protector will trip. At this time, the motor needs to be removed to dry, and the mechanical seal needs to be replaced. When there is an oil mark in the inlet regulating place, first needs to unscrew the oil hole screw in the inlet regulating place and observe whether the oil chamber is filled with water. If the oil chamber into the water, the seal is bad, it should replace the seal box.

Another need to pay attention to a leakage situation is that the water pump cable root oil, this is the motor oil leakage. Generally is the sealing poor or motor winding lead unqualified or broken water pump wiring board caused. After confirming the inspection, replace the new accessories.


Post time: Aug-31-2023