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Basic Q&A of Diesel generator

1. The basic equipment of diesel generator set includes six systems, which are oil lubrication system; Fuel oil system; Control and protection system; Cooling and heat dissipation system; Exhaust system; Starting system;

2. diesel generator set to use professional oil, because oil is the blood of the engine, if the use of unqualified oil will lead to the engine bearing bush bite death, gear teeth, crankshaft deformation fracture and other serious accidents, until the whole machine scrap. The new machine needs to replace the oil and oil filter after a period of time, because the new machine in the run-in period will inevitably have impurities into the oil pan, so that the oil and oil filter physical or chemical changes.

3. When the customer installs the unit, the exhaust pipe should be tilted down 5-10 degrees, mainly to prevent rain from entering the exhaust pipe and avoid major accidents. General diesel engines are equipped with a manual oil pump and exhaust bolts, the role of which is used to remove the air in the fuel line before starting.

4. The automation level of diesel generator sets is divided into manual, self-starting, self-starting and automatic mains power conversion cabinet, remote control (remote control, telemetry, remote monitoring).

5. The output voltage standard of the generator is 400V instead of 380V, because the output line has voltage drop loss.

6. The use of the diesel generator set must be smooth air, the output of the diesel engine is directly affected by the amount of air and air quality, and the generator must have enough air to give cooling. So the use of the field must be smooth air.

7. In the installation of oil filter, diesel filter, oil and water separator should not be used to screw the above three tools too tight, but only by hand to do not leak? Because if the sealing ring is too tight, under the action of oil bubble and body heating, it will thermal expansion and produce a lot of stress.

Post time: Jun-16-2023