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Factory Sale 2023 New Products Manufacturing Plant diesel power tiller price

Short Description:

1.Type T lock handle :The handrail’s direction can be adjusted at 360 degrees.
2.Original KAMA engine: The best diesel engine made in China, a real 9HP diesel engine. Reliable and powerful.
3.Bumper:The engine can be effectively protected.
4.Gear shift lever:This machine has 3 gears,2 forward gears and a reverse gear.You can adjust the different gear by this lever.
5.Deep furrowing drag strut:You can adjust this to adjust the depth of the tillage.
6.Fender:The fender uses waterproof paint.the double fender’s width can be adjusted according the blades length.
7.Tow-bar:It can be connected with trailer,furrow,etc.
8.Tyre/Blade: Tyre 3.50-6, 4.00-8, 5.00-12 are optional. Blade It can be equipped with dry land blade,paddy wheel and anti-wrap blade,etc.
Features Suitable for the plains, mountains, hilly area of paddy field, dry and vegetable greenhouses, especially suitable for mountain terraces, Small piece of farmland and deep mud field operations. It can be completed to do farm works of rotary tillage, weeding, deep ploughing, ridging, ditching, sowing, fertilizing, spraying chemicals etc.
equipped with reference supporting facilities.
Mini tiller cultivator uses small diesel or gasoline engine as its power, has the advantages of light weight, small volume, simple structure etc. With the corresponding equipment it could not only pump, power generation and spray operations, but also tow the trailer for short-distance transport.

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